The next band of rain pushes through

The next area of rain pushes into SW England and Wales this morning and it won’t be long before it reaches the West Midlands.

Showery evening

Today's rain pushes away. More tomorrow

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"Rain today - rain for the next month?"

by Emma Jesson
Goslings in Abbey Park pond, Redditch. Sun or showers - they don't mind... Credit: Paul Wilde

2nd July is St. Mary's Day.

According to weather folklore... "if it rains on St. Mary's Day, it will rain for four weeks"

Thankfully this piece of weather folklore has a disastrous success rate... though it looks like staying wet for the foreseeable future.

Thoroughly Wet Monday

by Emma Jesson
Band of rain in extreme west and east Midlands. Gap inbetween. Credit: Met Office
The two bands of rain merge this afternoon. Credit: Met Office

Two bands of rain from this morning are now merging to give a thoroughly wet afternoon.

First thing, we had a line of rain from The Wash to the Isle of Wight, and one stretching from North Wales down to SW England which pushed eastwards.

They now combine, temperatures 16-17c, approx 4c below average

Double rainbow weather

by Emma Jesson
Double rainbow in Kidderminster. Credit: Clifford Harley
Double rainbow in Sandwell Valley. Credit: John Blyth

Lots of bands of showers passed through yesterday so it's not surprising that so many of our viewers spotted double rainbows.

They form of course when sun shines on rain at a certain angle, and these places are exactly where we would have expected them to form.



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