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Trading Standards on the hunt for dangerous dolls in Walsall

Trading Standards on the hunt for dangerous dolls in Walsall Credit: ITV News Central

Trading standards officers will be at Bescot Market in Walsall today hunting for dolls on sale, which contain chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and infertility in men.

Officers first received complaints about these products early in 2013 and visited traders to ensure they were taken off sale. But they now fear that they were available to buy at the market last weekend.

The dolls have distinctive fruit shaped heads but Trading Standards Officers are also concerned about similar soft dolls wearing animal outfits or in a "crawling" pose wearing polka dot dresses.

Council calls for action over potentially dangerous dolls

Walsall Council are calling for action to be taken over the potentially dangerous ‘fruit headed’ dolls which have been on sale in the Midlands.

A cabinet member said the council would be writing to to the EU and to the Chinese Government.

As we have said, we don’t want to spoil any child’s happiness which is why their safety is paramount to us.

Young children tend to bite and chew and if they do so with these dolls their health could be put at risk.

We have acted on reports that the ‘fruit headed’ dolls are potentially dangerous and have followed up reports that they are on sale to ensure they have been taken off sale.

We would now like to go a step further and will be writing to the EU and to the Chinese Government to express our wish for action to be taken to ensure this product is not put on sale again.

– Cllr Zahid Ali, Walsall Council cabinet member for public health and protection
  1. Keith Wilkinson

Potentially poisonous dolls pose cancer risk - full report

There's a warning tonight that children in the Midlands may have been given Christmas presents that contain a dangerous chemical.

It's been used to make a variety of dolls in China, and is said to be linked to cancer and birth defects if swallowed. ITV News Central correspondent Keith Wilkinson reports.

Poisonous dolls: similar style toys on sale online

Similar style dolls being sold today through auction site eBay Credit: Ebay

ITV News Central has seen some similar dolls to those being recalled by Trading Standards being sold online.

eBay says it follows local government legislation and does not permit the sale of ' illegal items.'

A screen shot taken on December 30 showing a doll up for sale on It now no longer exists. Credit:

Yesterday it appeared similar looking dolls were being offered for sale through Amazon.

But Amazon say they are not available through them.

A web page we saw on the morning of December 30 has since been taken down.


Doctor says children should not play with suspect dolls

Dr Ian Campbell, a GP in Nottingham, says that parents should take toys off children if they fear they could be the ones containing potentially poisonous plastics.

Trading Standards are warning about health risks about certain types of toy which have reportedly been on sale all over the country.

Doctor: Poisonous chemical in dolls is 'unacceptable'

A GP from Nottingham has said it is "unacceptable" that a poisonous chemical has been found in toy dolls on sale in shops in the Midlands.

Dr Ian Campbell said: "I'm very concerned because there is no safe level of this chemical and we know that it causes problems with cancer, problems with sperm count with adult males and problems with the liver and kidneys.

"It's is unacceptable that children have been exposed to this chemical in this way."

Warnings to avoid fake spirits over New Year

Trading standards officers in the West Midlands are warning people to avoid bottles of fake spirits over the New Year. Tests on some bottles have found ingredients also found in anti-freeze.

Drinkers are being asked to avoid bottles with spelling mistakes, wonky labels or unfamiliar brands. The spirits could blind or kill people who drink them.

Avoid fake spirits is the message from Trading standards Credit: Klaus OhlenschlÀger/DPA/Press Association Images

Cllr Mehboob Khan, Chair of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: "Everyone wants a bargain at this time of year, but by consuming fake alcohol people may be taking their life into their hands."

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