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Traffic is Midlanders' biggest niggle

M6 motorway Credit: PA

Being stuck in traffic ranks as the biggest day-to-day niggle among people living in the Midlands, a survey has revealed.

A survey of 1,000 people commissioned by Kenco Millicano found that 17 per cent of those from the Midlands rated traffic congestion as their top niggle, while spam messages came a close second with 11 per cent of the vote.

Eighty-one hours a year spent in traffic


If your commute is 30 minutes each way in Nottingham, then you're averagely spending 81 additional hours a year stuck in traffic, a new survey finds.

Birmingham didn't do much better, with city centre commuters spending 71 hours sat in congestion.

In rush hour, motorists in both Nottingham and Birmingham can double their driving time to work, with each 30 minute journey adding between 27 and 33 minutes to their commute.

The survey on city congestion has been conducted by satnav maker TomTom. Both Midlands cities featured on its Europe Congestion Index, which lists the top 59 most congested areas on the continent.


Nottingham and Birmingham placed on Europe's most congested list

Nottingham and Birmingham have been listed on TomTom's Europe Congestion Index, which shows the 59 worst cities for traffic across the continent.

Nottingham fared worse than Manchester, placed at 24. Birmingham is 32 on the list, higher than Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow.

The two cities were the only Midlands areas on the list.

5 most unusual things ever sold on Ebay

The M6 motorway has appeared on the online auction site Ebay.

Here is a list of the most unusual things which have appeared on the site, according to Ebay.

  • Britney Spears' hair. After the singer had her hair cut off, the salon put the cuttings online. But site policy meant they had to be removed.
  • Hornet fighter jet. It had been bought from a scrapyard and the owner offered to have it restored for a 'buy it now price' of $9,000,00.

  • New Zealand. Someone in Australia tried to sell the country back in 2006.

  • Hollywood sign. It went for $450,400 back in 2005.

  • Group of four Australian men. Four men sold themselves on the site, guaranteeing a weekend of 'fun, laughs and beer'. They sold for $1,300.


Tweeters enjoy M6 auction joke


FINALLY, after much soul searching and meditation, I've worked out what to get the fam for xmas. The M6: FREE P&P!!! :)


Problems on the M6 AGAIN this morning! Someone just buy it & sort it out please. Buy it on ebay:

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