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Campaigner: "Government has to facilitate those who wish to lead traveller lifestyles"

Credit: ITV News.

Helen Jones, a campaigner at 'Leeds Gate,' an organisation which campaigns to improve the quality of life for Gypsy and Traveller communities, told us:

"It's not against the law to lead a nomadic lifestyle and the UK Government have to facilitate those who wish to lead such lifestyles. Local authorities, too, have a duty to identify need and provide stopping and permanent sites. Yet year on year we're not being allocated land and we should not be surprised therefore if we find travellers using land that is not appropriate to do so."

– Helen Jones.

It comes after a school in Birmingham was forced to partially close after travellers on the car park refused to move on.

Helen Jones of Leeds Gate previously told ITV News that Councils should provide toilets and skips when travellers occupy their land.

Leeds Gate is an organisation for Gypsy and Traveller people who say their aim is to improve the quality of life for people of such communities.


PCC describes some travellers as 'roving bands of brigands'

A summit meeting was held in Birmingham today to try and tackle the issues surrounding unauthorised traveller camps.

He says many are good people but a minority are nothing more than "roving bands of brigands" who are threatening others and committing crime.

He wants to tackle the problem of travellers taking over public spaces and trashing industrial buildings and believes more needs to be done to create official camp sites.


Work on Leicester travellers' sites to start in summer

Leicester City Council will spend £400,000 building the permanent travellers' sites Credit: PA

Work to construct two controversial permanent gyspy and traveller sites in Leicester will start this summer.

Leicester City Council will provide £400,000 towards the developments at Redhill Way and Greengate Lane.

Another one and a half million pounds will come from the Housing and Communities Agency.

Both sites are due to be ready by March next year, despite residents strongly protesting against them.

The city council has previously been accused of not consulting residents properly over the plans.

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