Travellers' site review

Council reviews travellers' sites

Plans for three travellers' sites in Birstall, Leicestershire will be reviewed by councillors today. Hundreds of people oppose the plans.

Plans to build three new travellers sites in Leicester are going to be reviewed

Traveller site review

Plans to build three new travellers sites in Leicester are going to be reviewed before any decision is made.

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Travellers say they'll never be accepted

"Our parents and our parents before them, and their grandparents before them, that's the way they were brought up in life, as travellers, and that's the way we want to be, we want to be in sites and we want to be in trailers and that's just the way we are.

I wonder if we got offered houses next to half these settled people, would they stand up and if they knew we were a traveller getting offered a house next to them, I think it would be the same way they wouldn't want us living.

It's not because of the sites it's because they're against travellers completely. It's not where the sites are getting built they just don't want us and they never will, they'll never accept us and that's just the way it's always going to be"



Local people's reaction to the three proposed travellers sites

What people thought about the travellers sites plans when Central News spoke to residents when plans were unveiled by the council in February.

"Doesn't bother me in the slightest. They have been there for a while anyway and never caused us any problems."

"Hopefully my insurance won't go up and we don't want an increase in crime, not meaning to be stereotypical."

"If it's well thought out and it's safe and secure, then they have to go somewhere don't they."

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