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Fabricant breaks silence over throat-punch tweet

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant breaks silence over tweet Credit: ITV News

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant has broken his silence over the tweet he sent about a female journalist last week that caused outrage.

Mr Fabricant tweeted about the Independent columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown after watching her during a TV debate saying: "I could never appear on a discussion prog with @y_alibhai I would either end up with a brain haemorrhage or by punching her in the throat."

He instantly apologised but Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said she did not accept the "apology" issued by the Tory MP and David Cameron said it was not an appropriate thing to say.

Today Mr Fabricant has written an article about the issue saying: “A number of people have been urging me over the last two days to break my self-imposed silence. So I have”

In the blog he says: "I won’t stop tweeting because of one mistake, but I do ask to be judged on my record and on what I actually believe. And to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, I do hope you will eventually accept my sincere apology."

Police reinstate officer's suspended Twitter account

An police officer has been allowed to return to Twitter after being suspended over alleged "inappropriate" use of the social networking site.

The @mentalhealthcop profile - used by response inspector Michael Brown - was suspended on Valentine's Day, but has now been reinstated.

@mentalhealthcop is back on Twitter Credit: @mentalhealthcop/Twitter

A statement from West Midlands Police said the officer had "accepted there had been some inappropriate use", and said informal advice was given.

Asst Ch Cons Garry Forsyth said he was pleased the issue had been resolved so quickly.

As with any organisation which communicates with the public, we have to ensure that there are parameters around the way information is shared, particularly when information can be sensitive.

I am pleased that this issue has been resolved in a speedy manner to the satisfaction of those involved.

The real issue here is communicating complex issues in an effective way. I am pleased that @MentalHealthCop will once again be providing views and comment across mental health issues.

He said it would not be "fair or proportionate" to release any further details.


Police suspend Twitter account after allegations of misuse

A Twitter account belonging to an award-winning police officer who blogs about mental health issues has been suspended, following allegation of misuse.

Michael Brown was known on the social networking service as 'Mental Health Cop'. The police inspector's blog has also been set to private.

In a statement West Midlands Police have said certain aspects of the officer's communication are being investigated and it would be inappropriate for the account to continue whilst further enquiries are made.

Our policy is intended to enable officers and staff to communicate with our communities effectively to offer an insight into our work.

It does impose some restrictions but we are, of course, an organisation that holds sensitive information so we have to ensure that there is some restraint. I also can’t imagine any organisation that would want its employees to be openly critical of it - or indeed allow it.

The policy is not intended to discourage personal perspectives and I believe a human element assists with engagement.

– ACC Garry Forsyth, West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police suspend 'Mental Health Cop' Twitter account

West Midlands Police has suspended the Mental Health Cop account

West Midlands Police has released a statement on why the force suspended a Twitter account known as 'Mental Health Cop'

"A force social media policy which details how channels, such as Twitter, should be used by officers in both an official and personal capacity.

As a force, the Corporate Communications Department monitors all corporate use and should any inappropriate or operationally sensitive communication be identified, this will be taken up with the individual.

In serious cases, the matter would be referred to the force’s Professional Standards Department.

Recent monitoring has led to the suspension of an account operated by a response inspector whose focus was on mental health policing.

Certain aspects of the officer’s communication is currently being investigated for alleged misuse of a force account and as such it would be inappropriate for the account to continue whilst further enquiries are made.

Any breaches of force policy are taken extremely seriously and will be thoroughly and professionally investigated."

Arrest over alleged racist tweet linked to Mikaeel Kular

Police have confirmed that a man from Derbyshire has been arrested on suspicion of committing a racially aggravated public order offence.

Officers arrested the 26-year-old Heanor man this morning on suspicion of committing a racially aggravated public order offence.

Members of the public in Edinburgh had complained about the content of some Twitter messages linked to the disappearance of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular.

The man was questioned and released on police bail while the Crown Prosecution Service considers the case.


Stan Collymore hits out at racist trolls

Former footballer Stan Collymore has hit out at racist abuse on Twitter.

He described tweets aimed at him as 'disgusting trolling'.

Gary Lineker also expressed his outrage, dubbing the abuse as 'shameful'.

Gary Lineker teased on Twitter for life-size waxwork

Stars have been teasing former England and Leicester City striker Gary Lineker, for a not so life-like waxwork of the former footballer on display in Great Yarmouth.

It's after news reports a foreign buyer had bought up the waxworks from the Louis Tussard’s House of Wax at the seaside holiday resort, whose models have gained a cult reputation for bearing little resemblance to their subjects.

Former Manchester United and Denmark goalkeeper tweeted a picture yesterday, of his disbelief at the barely-recognisable life-size version of the now BBC Sport presenter.

Comedian Lee Hurst also got in on the banter with the following tweet.

To which Gary responded - "use my own earwax!".

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Troll victim 'pleased' Twitter taking abuse seriously

Caroline Criado-Perez, who came under sustained attack on Twitter after running a successful campaign to have a woman's picture placed on a new bank note, has welcomed Twitter's pledge to do more to tackle trolling and abuse on the platform, but said they could have acted quicker.

While I'm pleased they're listening, it's taken Twitter a week to come up with this.

Twitter's 'report abuse' button on the iPhone application goes through to the old reporting form - what we're looking for is an overhaul of the system which sits behind the button.

The current process is lengthy, complicated and impossible to use if you're under sustained attack like I have been.

Right now, all the emphasis is on the victim, often under intense pressure, to report rather than for Twitter to track down the perpetrator and stop them.

I am, of course, pleased that they are taking on new staff. The hard facts are that this will take time, investment and properly trained and paid staff - but it's crucial they get this right.

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