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Leicester University celebrates blooming crocuses

ITV Central Weather Credit: ITV News Central

The University of Leicester has opened its botanic garden today, for the second weekend in a row, as it hopes to raise money for the Leicestershire Alzheimer's Society.

The Sandstone Garden, in front of Beaumont Hall, is celebrating the spring bloom of crocuses.

The University's biology department has been researching the flower and have set up an exhibition at the venue.

Director, Richard Gornall said:

"This wonderful display that far too few people get to use. It is a bright spot in an otherwise quiet time in the gardening calendar."

National student space society comes to Leicester

Leicester is home to the National Space Centre Credit: Daniel Law/Press Association Images

Around 300 delegates are expected to attend the University of Leicester this weekend.

UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - the UK's national student space society - selected Leicester because of the city's connections with the space industry.

It is hoped delegates will be able to network with local companies.


Protest over Richard III genetic mapping - full story

A historian who traced the living relatives of King Richard III is accusing the University of Leicester of destroying parts of the skeleton.

John Ashdown-Hill, who also helped pinpoint where the former monarch was buried, says testing the remains to find out more about the king's genetic make up is "destructive" and unnecessary.

Rajiv Popat has the full story.

Petition against more 'destructive' Richard III research

The man who helped find the final resting place of King Richard III in Leicester has launched a petition against plans for more scientific tests on the former monarch's remains.

The University of Leicester announced earlier this month that it wanted to map the King's entire genetic code.

More scientific tests are planned for Richard III's remains Credit: ITV News Central

John Ashdown-Hill has written a blog in which he labels the research "destructive" and "gratuitous", and urges others to sign his petition to block any more testing.

The University has denied the claims, saying it has abided by all ethical codes governing research on human remains.

King Richard III is a figure of immense historical and cultural significance and the information that we hope to obtain from sequencing his genome will provide insights into the health and ancestry of the king and his historical environment.

We, along with our partners, are committed to treating the mortal remains with dignity and respect as we work together for a reinterment at Leicester Cathedral as soon as the legal process allows.


Builders pictured enjoying the 'perfect' cup of tea

Builders in Leicester enjoy the 'perfect' cup of tea Credit: ITV News Central

Builders in Leicester have been enjoying the 'perfect' cup of tea, created by students at Leicester University.

Students unveiled the formula for what they claim is the perfect builder's brew earlier today.

Tea making mathematicians pose for the cameras

Students from Leicester University, with their course leader, after revealing the formula for the 'perfect' brew Credit: ITV News Central

Students from the University of Leicester have posed for the cameras, after unveiling their mathematical formula for the 'perfect' cup of builder's tea.

They were set the challenge by a local construction firm.

The perfect formula for a cup of tea has been revealed

Leicester University students have worked out a mathematical equation for the perfect cup of tea Credit: ITV News Central

You saw it here first! Students from the University of Leicester have revealed the secret formula for what they claim is the 'perfect' cup of tea.

Leicester University students have worked out a mathematical equation for the perfect cup of tea Credit: ITV News Central

The equation calculates brewing time, along with rest time and a few extras to work out the route to the perfect brew.

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