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Son pays tribute: "He was a hero who deserved a lot better end to his life"

Thomas Davis, Bill’s son paid tribute to his father today, he said:

“My father was a well respected and likeable man who never did anyone any harm, he loved his family and when my Mom died in 2006 he was devastated after 63 years of marriage.

“He also lost my sister in 2008 which broke his heart, but he carried on. His war record began in the Royal Navy in 1939 and he was involved in many campaigns.

“Dad never spoke a lot about his war service. The details came out in dribs and drabs over the years but his medals speak for themselves. He was a hero who deserved a lot better end to his life.

– Thomas Davis

"Difficult to find the words to describe how evil and calculated this woman has been"

Investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Rob Bastin described the death of the war veteran Bill Davis, as "tragic" after returning unscathed from Dunkirk and serving in many other conflicts that he should die in his home, a place he should feel safe.

“How tragic, those after he fought for many years to ensure the safety of every person in this country that he died in his own home, a place where he should have been safe.

“It's difficult to find the words to describe how evil and calculated this woman has been and to this day I am not completely sure exactly what her motive was, however I feel you don’t have to look far from her addiction and desperation for money to pay for her drugs."

– Detective Sergeant Rob Bastin

Heroin addict mum jailed for life over war veteran murder

Charlotte Frazier-Doody mum-of-three has been sentenced to life for the murder of a war veteran Credit: West Midlands Police

The killer of a war hero who survived the evacuation of Dunkirk has been jailed for life.

Charlotte Frazier-Doody was found guilty of murdering naval hero Bill David in his home last spring, days after his 92nd birthday.

The 36-year-old has never revealed a motive for the brutal murder which took place in Willenhall on April 1st and nothing was stolen from Mr Davis' home.

The court heard how the mother-of-three befriended the war veteran, a neighbour, before beating him to death.

Naval hero Bill Davis survived the evacuation of Dunkirk Credit: West Midlands Police

Despite Frazier-Doody, a heroin and crack cocaine addict, pleading her innocence throughout the investigation blood and hair found at the murder scene provided irrefutable DNA evidence.

Bill David during his time in the navy Credit: West Midlands Police

CCTV footage also showed her shortly after the attack travelling to a nearby street where the court was told she was trying to dispose of blood-stained clothing in a wheelie bin.

She was sentenced today and will serve a minimum of 20 years.


Mum-of-three jailed for life over Dunkirk war hero killing

A mother-of-three who bludgeoned to death a 92-year-old war veteran from Walsall has been jailed for a minimum of 20 years.

Jurors reached a unanimous verdict to convict heroin addict Charlotte Frazier-Doody of the murder of Dunkirk hero Bill Davis who served in the Royal Navy throughout World War Two.

Judge John Warner described the killing that took place in Willenhall as:

"Savage, ferocious and harrowing attack on a frail and vulnerable victim."

– Judge John Warner