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Crews battle deliberate fire in Dudley


1of2 Crews from @tiptonfire @wmfsdudley @bilstonfire have attended an incident this morning @ Webb St, Coseley. Fire involving 1 one


2of2 commercial lorry and several cars. 2 BA were in use. @envagency were also informed due to water run off. Fire was deliberate.

West Midlands and Staffordshire fire services share fire control

West Midlands and Staffordshire fire and rescue services now share a control centre Credit: PA

West Midlands and Staffordshire fire and rescue services say their shared fire control operation went live yesterday morning.

The two organisations have merged their fire control rooms into one shared service which operates from Vauxhall Road in Birmingham. From there control staff are handling emergency calls and managing the resources sent to deal with incidents for both areas.

The services say the move will not affect the public, who should continue to ring 999 should an emergency occur.


Major Tipton fire started deliberately, fire crews say

A major fire at a wood recycling plant in Tipton was started deliberately, West Midlands Fire Service says.

More than 30 firefighters tackled the blaze which broke out on Bloomfield Road on Sunday afternoon.

The force says it reviewed CCTV footage which shows the fire was an act of arson.

Two fire engines remain at the scene damping down and are expected to be there throughout the night.

Firefighters still on the scene of recycling plant blaze

Firefighters are still at the scene of a major fire at a recycling plant in Tipton.

One water jet is still in use this morning as crews tackle the blaze. Residents living in the area have been warned to keep their doors and windows closed due to the amount of smoke.


The #tiptonfire is still causing large amounts of smoke in the area, residents need to keep their doors and windows closed.


Fire crews work hard to keep Titon fire at bay


The high volume pump has now arrived giving us more water. Crews working hard in the sunset #tiptonfire


Tipton fire presents 'no imminent danger' to public


In attendance at a scrap yard fire in Tipton. Crews working assertively to reduce the impact @westmidsfire

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