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Police increase security after 'anonymous information'

West Midlands Police has implemented additional security measures after receiving anonymous information yesterday.

The force said the information, which is related to the safety of the police officers and staff, is currently being assessed. The national security threat remains at severe meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely.

West Midlands Police treat all information relating to matters of security extremely seriously.

In this particular case we have received information relating to the safety of West Midlands Police officers and police staff. There is nothing at this time to suggest there is an increased risk to members of the public.

We have taken the opportunity to remind all employees of the need to be vigilant. Our priority remains serving our communities and protecting them from harm. Officers remain on patrol and our staff continue to respond to calls for service as usual.

– Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth

West Midlands Police security threat: officers allowed to return home

Officers have been warned not to use public transport to return home Credit: PA Wire

ITV News has learned West Midlands Police officers have now been stood down and are allowed to return home.

Officers are back responding but have been told not to use public transport to go home tonight.


West Midlands Police security threat: officers not allowed to return home

Police officers have been warned of a Credit: PA Wire

ITV News has learned West Midlands Police officers have been told they cannot go home after reports of a "credible security threat."

Officers received the call to return to base at around 10pm.

They have not been told why they cannot return home.

All police officers are involved, including front office staff, controllers, custody staff and PCSOs.

West Midlands Police refuses to confirm security threat

Reports claim West Midlands Police officers have been ordered back to base because of a Credit: PA Wire

West Midlands Police has refused to confirm reports that officers have been ordered back to their bases because of a security threat.

Sky News claims officers have been asked to watch out for each other when they are out on patrol because of a "credible security threat."

'Drunk' lorry driver caught driving wrong way down dual carriageway

West Midlands Police say they've arrested a lorry driver going the wrong way down a dual carriageway, who then tested more than twice over the drink drive limit.

The driver is said to be a foreign national, and was stopped driving the wrong way down the Black Country Route by Traffic Police overnight.


CCTV released to warn against Christmas pickpockets

Police in the West Midlands are urging people to be on the lookout for pickpockets, as the festive season gets underway.

They have released CCTV footage of previous crimes to show shoppers and revellers how important it is to secure valuables from thieves, particularly in busy areas.

Year on year we have seen people get wiser to these kinds of crimes which means that the number of offences have fallen, but that doesn’t mean we can become complacent.

We’re hoping that by revealing the thieves’ tips and tricks the public can stay one step ahead.

– Sergeant Andy Gregory, West Midlands Police

RoSPA: 'Dangerous drivers will be caught on camera'

Speaking in response to video that's emerged showing a drink seemingly being passed between two moving white vans travelling at speed on the M5, Kevin Clinton from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says it's more and more likely dangerous driving will be caught on camera.

The footage released by police today shows the vehicles on the M5 in Halesowen, and was filmed by a driver travelling behind by a dashboard mounted camera.

Shocking video shows 'drink passed between vans on M5'

Shocking video footage has been released of two drivers who appear to bring their vans together on the motorway, to pass a drink between the vehicles.

The video, caught on a dashboard camera, was filmed by a motorist travelling behind the vans, along the M5 near Halesowen in September.

The stunt has been condemned by Road safety campaigners who fear it could potentially have caused a major accident.

Police say they're examining the footage to see if any offences have been committed, and will be contacting the drivers.

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