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M6 Toll - Good for commuters or a 'costly flop'?

Britain's only privately-run toll road has been branded a waste of money and resources by the head of the West Midlands Transport Authority. Geoff Inskip says using the M6 Toll road hasn't relieved congestion and should be nationalised.

The company which owns and runs the road says the fall in the number of vehicles using the M6 is due to the economic downturn. Phil Brewster reports.

  1. Phil Brewster

M6 Toll 'a costly flop', says transport boss

The M6 Toll Credit: ITV News Central

Geoff Inskip, the Chief Executive of Centro, the West Midlands Transport Authority says the pay-as-you go motorway is a costly flop. He says toll prices should be cut or the road should be re-nationalised.

The M6 Toll Credit: ITV News Central

Midlands Express Way Ltd, which owns & operates the M6 Toll blames the economic downturn for the fall in traffic numbers on the road.

The firm says that 40,000 customers choose to use the road every day to bypass Birmingham as it 'provides a reliable alternative the M6 motorway - one of the UK's most congested motorways'.