Leighton Aspell celebrates after winning the Grand National with Pineau De Re.

Grand National 2014: Final placings

Pineau De Re beat a number of favourites to victory: find out where your horse placed in the famous race at Aintree.

To dredge or not to dredge?

Widespread flooding across the country has been marked by calls for rivers to be dredged - but not everyone agrees.

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Suspected Worcester hotel break-in a 'heartless crime'

The Severn View Hotel is currently closed as it has been damaged during recent flooding so this really is a heartless crime. We are therefore very keen to speak to anyone who may have information about this burglary.

As of yet it is not clear exactly what the thieves have managed to steal but an Apple Macbook computer and several hundred pounds of cash are definitely missing from the hotel’s office.

I would like to reassure people that we continue to have increased patrols out and about in the community at the present time.

– Superintendent Kevin Purcell, West Mercia Police

Thieves target flood-affected Worcester hotel

Flooding around the Severn View Hotel Credit: Harry Higgs

Police in Worcester are investigating after a burglary at a hotel in the city.

The break-in occurred at the Severn View Hotel on Newport Street between 8pm on Valentine's day and 4pm Saturday 15 February.

It appears thieves broke into the hotel - which has been closed after recent flooding in the area - by forcing open a rear door with some type of implement.

It seems the thieves then used the same implement to force their way into a number of rooms inside the property and carry out a search.


Worcester City Council will freeze the number of taxis

A freeze on the number of hackney carriages, or taxis, allowed to operate in Worcester has been agreed.

Worcester City Council have backed a proposal that will mean no more taxi licences will be issued until at least 30 existing drivers have stopped operating in the city.


Roads in Worcester could be closed again this morning

Roads closed in Worcester because of flooding Credit: ITV Central

The Environment Agency are warning that roads could be closed again in Worcester for the morning commute as river levels are continuing to rise.

Areas of the city have been completely cut off as businesses and homeowners continue to struggle along the River Severn

Man rescued from river in Worcerster

A man was pulled out of the river at the back of the Technical College in Worcester in the early hours of this morning.

The ambulance service is renewing safety warnings about flooding in the wake of the incident.

“It was extremely fortunate that a paramedic and ambulance crew were on scene within minutes to pull the man to safety.

– A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman

The man was taken to Worcester Hospital for further treatment.

“It is important that everyone follows the advice of the Environment Agency and other emergency services and stay away from flood control channels, rivers, streams and other waterways at this time.

– West Midlands Ambulance Serviced

Man rescued from River Severn

A man who fell into the River Severn has been rushed to hospital suffering from hypothermia.

Paramedics, police and fire crews were called to the Worcester section of the river shortly before 12.30pm today to reports of somebody in the waters.

Ambulance crews were called to the river shortly before 12.30pm
Ambulance crews were called to the river shortly before 12.30pm Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service

The emergency services had to work together to discover exactly where the man was, and then lift him out of the river.

He was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital for treatment.

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