Sir Richard Branson pledges a trophy for marathon woman Claire Lomas

Sir Richard Branson has pledged that Claire Lomas, from Leicestershire, will receive a trophy for completing the London Marathon after organisers said she would not finish in time.

Lomas, 32, who was paralysed from the chest down in a horse-riding accident in 2007, is the first to walk the marathon course in a "bionic" suit.

Sir Richard tweeted:


We’d be honoured to present @claire80lomas with the Virgin Trophy for 2012 to celebrate her astounding achievement


Congratulations to @claire80lomas for an outstanding effort in walking the London Marathon. A true inspiration


Claire Lomas' 2012

A paralysed woman, Claire Lomas from Leicestershire, completed the London Marathon in a robotic suit. Here's a look back at Claire's incredible 2012.