Madeleine McCann: Five Years

Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine McCann is launching a nationwide campaign to find missing people.

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Significant new lead in Madeleine hunt

ITV's Cordelia Kretzschmar reports from the Costa del Sol in Spain after Portuguese police pass on details of a sighting there of a girl matching Madeleine McCann's description.

The report says she was with a German family and appeared groggy and didn't look like the German family she arrived with.

The German family added another child to their booking on the day they arrived and the registration plate of their car did not match its make or model.

These suspicions were reported by a witness to the Portuguese police at the time - just days after Madeleine's disappearance.

As Madeleine approaches her ninth birthday, this is appears to be a fresh, new lead in the case.

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