Trampoline Saves Family

A family managed to escape from a fire in their home by jumping out of a first floor window onto a trampoline.

The couple and their three children, from Burton on Trent, weren't injured in the incident.

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Trampoline fire escape- pictures

Fire damaged stairway Credit: ITV Central
Burned Jackson family belongings Credit: ITV Central
Window that Jackson family jumped from Credit: ITV Central
Bruised arm of Peyton Jackson, 5, who escaped fire by jumping out of window onto trampoline with family Credit: ITV Central

The Jackson family from Burton on Trent say that a family trampoline helped them to escape a fire.

Craig and Natasha Jackson leapt onto the trampoline from their first floor window with their three children Peyton, Ben and Quinn.

The family managed to avoid serious injury.

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