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The Midlands becomes Britain's most Royalist region

Queen Elizabeth II Credit: PA

In the year of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, a new report shows that the Midlands favour the royal family more than any other region, with 89% supporting the monarchy.

The report shows that just 9% of those asked in the Midlands would rather that Britain become a republic.

The UK average stands at 80%.

Conservative voters were found to support the royal family the most, with 96% in favour of keeping the monarchy.

Only 74% of Labour voters, and 84% of Lib Dems would consider themselves Royalists.

Simon Atkinson, Deputy Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI, said: "Support for the Royal family has always been consistently high and the Queen will enter her Jubilee celebrations with support for the monarchy running at record levels."

Last year's royal wedding and this year’s diamond jubilee have added five percentage points on the previous survey.

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