Crack Down On Criminals

Leicestershire police are using automatic number plate recognition to catch criminals

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Police release results of today's number plate operation

Leicestershire Police have issued their results of today's operation using number plate recognition cameras to try and catch criminals.

Operation Utah saw:

  • 50 vehicles stopped
  • 2 arrested for fraud - this is important because Trading Standards data help police to arrest them - this would not have been possible in isolation
  • A van stopped with 'street caution' for cannabis
  • 2 vehicles stopped for having been involved in crimes - note: occupants checked out as 'OK'
  • 5 vehicles seized
  • 3 no insurance
  • 1 no license (revoked)
  • 1 linked to Fraud - relating to the aforementioned 2 arrested for fraud
  • 5 prohibited from using the road due to being un-roadworthy
  • 4 by VOSA
  • 1 by Customs and Revenues for using red 'agricultural' diesel
  • HM Courts Services - found and dealt with two people for non-payment of court fines
  • 3 vehicles no MOT
  • 1 vehicle for using mobile phone whilst driving

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