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Chief Constable says he will do all he can to maintain peace in Birmingham

Chief Constable Chris Sims has relseased a statement following the verdict of the Winson Green trial yesterday where eight men were found not guilty of the deaths of three men who died in last summer's riots. He assured he will do all he can to ensure peace remains in Birmingham.

"I understand the terrible impact that yesterday"s verdict had on two families who were already grieving the loss of three young men."It is also clear that the trial decision has affected all the communities of Birmingham."My officers carried out a painstaking investigation in difficult circumstances. The people involved in the incident were identified and the facts put before the jury, including disturbing CCTV footage of the event."

– Chief Constable Chris Sims

The Chief Constable went on to say the police respect the jury's decision and commented on the IPCC enquiry.

"There has been comment in the media over the judge's decision concerning an officer lying in court. I understand that this particular issue is of significant concern to our communities."Determining a police officer has lied in court is a serious issue.

"I do not at this time understand how, on the facts currently known, this decision has been reached. Whilst we support the IPCC enquiry, I have asked officers and legal advisors to review transcripts and statements on that part of the proceedings to determine what steps I may wish to take on this matter.

– Chief Constable Chris Sims

The Chief Constable concluded his statement by saying that he continues to meet with members of the community who are working hard to maintain calm and strengthen relationships, doing all he can to support their work.

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