Degree Ceremony For Landslide Victim

The parents of 22-year-old Derbyshire woman Charlotte Blackman, who died following a landslide in Dorset will collect her degree today.

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Eyewitness tells how father was desperately trying to rescue his daughter from rubble

David Warren from Swindon witnessed yesterday's landslide in Dorset which killed 22-year-old Charlotte Blackman from Derbyshire.

After the first, smaller landslide, he tried to warn people to move away from the cliff.

"I got within 20-30 foot, the rocks were still falling and the Father and boyfriend were still, at that time, trying to dig the girl out, I said 'who's under there' and he said 'my daughter, my daughter.

"I said we can't do anything the rocks are too big, they were boulders really, you couldn't even more them by hand."

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