Degree Ceremony For Landslide Victim

The parents of 22-year-old Derbyshire woman Charlotte Blackman, who died following a landslide in Dorset will collect her degree today.

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Geological report shows landslide was caused by number of factors

An report from the British Geological Survey has shown that the landslide that killed Charlotte Blackman from Heanor in Derbyshire was caused by a number of factors, including the recent wet weather.

The Landslide Response Team visited the site in Dorset and found that fractures in the rock, from coastal erosion and bad weather, had undermined the cliff.

“For this time of year, there have been an unusually large number of landslide events. This is reflected in the BGS National Landslide Database records which show 13 similar events have occurred in the past month. This is more than 10 times what might normally be expected at this time of year”.

– Dr Helen Reeves, Head of the Landslide Response Team at the BGS

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