Dairy Farmer Protest

Farmers are discussing their next steps in the campaign to deliver sustainable milk prices. Members of the Dairy Coalition are holding talks to publish their forward plan.

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NFU President says farmers need to discuss next steps on milk price cuts

NFU president Peter Kendall thanked those who have supported the change in milk price cuts.

In a statement he said he was "immensely proud" but that this u-turn from the milk processors could not be a "short-term fix."

“This will bring some relief to dairy farmers who supply liquid milk to Arla, First Milk, Dairy Crest and Wiseman/Müller. But we will continue working hard behind the scenes to ensure these first steps turn into a longer-term, sustainable milk price for all dairy farmers. This can’t be a short-term fix.

“I am conscious that the milk price cuts from June are still in place but rest assured we will continue in talks with the processors to work towards returning that lost money. We will meet to discuss next steps.

“I thank everyone farmers, members of the coalition, and shoppers for their support.”

– Peter Kendall, NFU President

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