Disease Outbreak at School

The Health Protection Agency are investigating the source of rare infection at a school in Loughborough after a pupil became exposed to a form of bacteria linked to MRSA.

Health Protection Agency probe after infection of student at Loughborough Grammar School

A pupil from Loughborough Grammar School has been infected with a rare form of bacteria which is linked to MRSA.

The Health Protection Agency is investigating one confirmed case of Panton- Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) in a rugby player who attends Loughborough Grammar School.

PVL infections tend to attack the skin and cause painful boils and abscesses, which are often treated with antibiotics and/or incision and drainage.

Dr Philip Monk, Consultant in Communicable Disease Control at HPA East Midlands said:

“Although the risk of becoming infected with PVL S.aureus is small it can on occasion bepicked up by close contacts or in communal settings such as the gym so it is essential to always practice and maintain appropriate hygiene measures which include proper cleansing and disinfection of cuts and minor wounds, regular bathing/showering, regular changing of linen, hand washing, avoiding sharing personal items (eg toothbrushes, face cloths, towels) and keeping wounds covered.”

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