A timeline into the Richard III search

  • 1485: King Richard III is buried in the Greyfriars Church after defeat at Bosworth
  • 1495: A tomb is placed over his grave by Henry VII
  • 1538: Following the dissolution of the Monasteries, Greyfriars is closed
  • 1600: Greyfriars Church is now a ruin, it is bought by the Mayor of Leicester
  • 1612: Mayor Herrick builds a mansion, marking the site of the grave
  • 1711: Herrick family sells and a street is laid out
  • 1914: The land and gardens are sold to the council
  • 1940: Greyfriars is covered in tarmac and becomes a car park
  • 2012: The search begins to find the grave of King Richard III

Information provided by the University of Leicester.


Judicial review for Richard III's final resting place

A group of relatives of King Richard III, whose body was unearthed from a council car park last year, have won the right to bring High Court proceedings to challenge a plan to rebury his remains in Leicester.