Double Murder Suspect Inquest

An inquest will begin into the death of the man who is alleged to have killed Avtar and Carole Kolar at their home in Birmingham. Rimvydas Liorancas was found hanged in his prison cell in January this year.

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Double Murder suspect inquest continues

First today the jury heard from Officer David Reid, a guard at the prison and one of two officers who discovered Mr. Liorancas hanging in his cell on January 28th.

He told the court:

"We found Mr. Liorancas hanging by a ligature he had wrapped around his neck and attached to a picture support bracket which was on the wall."

"Officer Davies supported his weight and I cut the ligature. We laid him flat on the floor and removed the rest of the ligature. Officer Davies started CPR and continued to do so."

"His eyes were open but they were opaque. There was no response from them. It was at that point I presumed he was dead."

– Officer David Reid

Officer Reid also described how he used his 'fishknife' to cut the ligature from Liorancas's neck. This is a tool carried by all prison officers, specifically for the purpose of cutting ligatures from prisoners. This was the first time Officer Reid had used his.

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