Ugandan Asians 40 Years On

Forty years ago, President Idi Amin made an announcement which shocked the world.

He forced tens of thousands of Asians to leave Uganda. Central News' Rajiv Popat travelled to Uganda to see the effect it had on Ugandan Asians and the country.

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Exiled Asians prosper in Uganda

The Madhvani family settled in Uganda around a 100 years ago. They established a number of businesses and employed thousands of people who worked at their sugar cane plantations.

Like tens of thousands of people, they too were forced to leave the country by Idi Amin.

In the eighties, they returned to reclaim their properties. Today, they are the leading sugar producers of Uganda and employ more than 10,000 people.

Central Tonight's Rajiv Popat has been speaking to Mayur Madhvani about that period and why Uganda is a country worth investing in.

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