Ugandan Asians 40 Years On

Forty years ago, President Idi Amin made an announcement which shocked the world.

He forced tens of thousands of Asians to leave Uganda. Central News' Rajiv Popat travelled to Uganda to see the effect it had on Ugandan Asians and the country.

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  1. Rajiv Popat

Part 5: Ugandan Asians, 40 years on

All this week, we've featured Asians who were forced to leave Uganda forty years ago. They left behind their personal possessions and in some cases, their loved ones, on the orders of dictator Idi Amin. Many ended up settling in Leicester

Central Tonight's Rajiv Popat has been filming in Uganda - a visit close to his heart because his parents fled the country at the time of the turmoil. In his final report he returns for the first time, to the town where he was born.

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