King Richard III's relative visits the place he fell for first time, full report

Just over a month ago, global media attention was focussed on a car park in Leicester as archaeologists announced they'd found what could be the remains of Richard III. In two months, history might be officially re-written as DNA tests are due to reveal whether or not it really is him.

Scientists are comparing the DNA with that of a direct, living descendent of Richard's sister - Michael Ibsen from Canada. And as the nervous wait for those results continues, Central Tonight's Gareth Owen has taken Mr Ibsen to the field where his ancestor fought and died.

During the emotional visit, he was able to walk on the battlefield for the first time.


Judicial review for Richard III's final resting place

A group of relatives of King Richard III, whose body was unearthed from a council car park last year, have won the right to bring High Court proceedings to challenge a plan to rebury his remains in Leicester.