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The latest on the threat of Ash Dieback disease in the Midlands which could infect and destroy millions of trees across the country.

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Nottinghamshire fight to save ash trees

Following the Government announcement of a ban on ash tree imports Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has said its plans to extend woodland where the native tree once thrived is even more important.

“We are currently trying to raise £15,000 as part of a £65,000 project to protect the future of Treswell Wood, near Retford, by purchasing land adjacent to the woodland so that can allow an area that was once part of this important woodland to regenerate naturally.

"This threat to Ash woodland underlines the importance of our efforts to protect this and other woodlands across Nottinghamshire and we are now even more determined to do everything we can to safeguard the future of one of the finest examples of a traditionally managed Ash/oak Woodland in the Midlands.”

– Charles Langtree, Head of Estate Management and Develop for the Trust

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