300ft High Power Station Protest

The energy firm EDF has dropped its five million pound law suit against a group of environmental activists who occupied one of its power stations in Nottinghamshire.

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Statement from Police on power station protest

Nottinghamshire Police have released the following statement about the power station protest at West Burton.

"There is currently an ongoing incident at West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire.

A number of people, believed to be climate protestors, are alleged to have gained access to the site at around 1.20am this morning (29 October).

Five people have been arrested (on suspicion of aggravated trespass). Around ten are thought to have climbed up the water towers and have secured themselves to it to restrict their removal.

Searches are ongoing to find a number of other people who are also believed to have got into the site.

Police are in attendance and enquiries are ongoing."

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