British Sausage Week

The regional final to find Britain's Best Banger is being judged today. See here for the latest and how British Sausage Week is being celebrated here in the Midlands.

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Sausages: Why they were once illegal and other meaty facts

  • Sausages have the nickname 'bangers', this name was given to them during World War II. Because there was a shortage of food, sausages had more water in them. When they were being cooked the water turned to steam and caused the sausages to explode.
  • Sausages were first made 5,000 years ago.
  • The most expensive sausage ever made was unveiled in London this year where a plate of sausage and mash with fine ingredients will set you back £75.
  • The longest sausage in the world measured more than half a kilometre long, it was made in Italy in 2011 and weighed more than half a tonne.
  • There are more than 470 sausage recipes and flavours in the UK.
  • Sausages were banned by the Romans because they had a connection with pagan festivals.
  • There is a restaurant in Germany where they serve sausage covered in gold as the owner believes the metal is good for your digestion.

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