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Police and Crime Commissioners

The latest on the newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners in the Midlands.

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Paddy Tipping the new PCC for Nottinghamshire


(First Count)

Paddy Tipping (Lab) 57,356 (43.13%)

Malcolm Spencer (Ind) 30,263 (22.76%)

Tony Roberts (C) 26,304 (19.78%)

Raj Chandran (Ind) 19,050 (14.33%)

Eliminated: Raj Chandran, Tony Roberts

(Second Count)

Distribution of Chandran's and Roberts's votes

Paddy Tipping (Lab) 65,919

Malcolm Spencer (Ind) 52,789


Elected: Paddy Tipping**

Electorate 809,683; Turnout 132,973 (16.42%)

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