Wheelchair friendly footbridge nearing completion in Leicestershire

Bridge nearing completion Credit: Sam Ireson

A bridge in Leicestershire that's hindered the crossing of wheelchairs, bikes and buggies due to steps at one end, is now nearing the completion of a rebuild.

The Wreake End Footbridge in Syston has been redesigned after a television appeal, which lead to the People's Lottery Fund paying for the extensive update – including the ramp local residents campaigned for.

Bridge being lowered into place Credit: Leicestershire County Council

The new bridge coincides with a revamp of the nearby area, which includes resurfacing paths, improving parking facilities and updating signposts.

The work is part of a national effort to complete unfinished projects, including the Watermead Park area in Leicestershire.

Mick Clowes, Chairman of the Melton and Oakham Waterways Society, said: "This new bridge will accelerate plans to open up the river for the use of all, and exploit the underused leisure possibilities the the Wreake Valley holds."

Work also took place to strengthen the foundations Credit: Sam Ireson