Dogs Aren't Xmas Presents

It's the time of year again we're being discouraged from giving pets as Christmas presents. The Dogs Trust have started their campaign by revealing some of the strangest reasons they've had for people giving up their dogs.

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"Too thin" dog handed over to Shrewsbury Dogs' Home

A whippet like Noah, a dog handed in to the Shrewsbury dogs' home Credit: Jessica Hill/AP/Press Association Images

The Dogs Trust charity is launching its annual Christmas campaign, which made famous the phrase "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas".

This year they have published a list of the strangest reasons given for handing over a dog to the charity.

In Shrewsbury, a whippet called Noah was handed back to the centre just 24 hours after being rehomed - his new owner claimed "he was too thin". The owner was also upset that Noah had chewed a door handle.

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