Five 999 calls made every 60 seconds on NYE

West Midlands Ambulance Service received five 999 calls every 60 seconds Credit: ITV Central

West Midlands Ambulance Service had a very busy New Year's Eve taking on average five 999 calls every 60 seconds.

The number steadily increased towards midnight. Between 8pm and midnight, the service received 638 calls - a 15% increase compared to the same period last year.

In the first five hours of 2013, the service received 1291 calls - a 9% increase compared to a year ago.

Anthony Marsh, Chief Executive, said: "It comes as no surprise to us that NYE has been the busiest night of the year for the Ambulance Service. It is a year in the planning for which as many staff as possible work through the night to ensure patient’s get help when they need it the most."


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