Birmingham Airport launches consultations with neighbours

Birmingham Airport will launch a series of roadshows this month to talk to its neighbours about proposed changes to its flight paths.

The consultation will happen over three months and will included the redesign of its flight paths needed for the opening of its runway extension in early 2014.

Birmingham Airport runway Credit: PA Pictures

Bosses say the new flight paths mean planes can take the most direct routes in and out of the airport.

As the runway will be extended further south, there will be a change to the routeing of aircraft after taking-off to the south.

At the minute, flights out of Birmingham are directed to fly within a 3km 'noise corridor'. On the new paths, aircraft can fly within a 2km 'noise corridor', reducing the overall noise on the ground.

The new flight paths mean that aircraft will fly further away from Catherine-de-Barnes, Eastcote, Knowle and Meriden, but closer to some parts of Hampton in Arden, Barston and Balsall Common.

Details of all the roadshows are available on Birmingham Airport's website.