Man sentenced following crash that killed two people

A man who admitted causing a crash which killed two people has been jailed at Nottingham Crown Court.

Craig Simpson, 42, of Hume Drive, Uddington, Glasgow, was sentenced to 21 months and disqualified from driving for four years.

He was travelling at 80mph along the A6097 near Epperstone, Nottinghamshire, on 26th August 2011 when he lost control of his Saab convertible. The speed limit on the road is 50mph.

His car collided with a Nissan Qashqai of which a family of five were travelling in. The driver of the Nissan, Mark Gallagher, was killed along with Mr Simpson's partner who was in the passenger seat of the Saab. Mr Gallagher's wife was seriously injured and spent almost three months in hospital.

Mark’s entire family has been left completely devastated by his tragic and untimely death. They remain extremely saddened that a combination of speed and careless driving on the part of the defendant were responsible for this completely avoidable collision which took Mark’s life.

– Rebecca Hearsey, Gallagher family solicitor