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While snow can be fun for many, for others it is a difficult time. Find here tips on how to stay safe at home and on the roads when the winter weather bites.

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More photos emerge of motorway driver with just 'small hole' to see through snow

The car overtook Staffordshire man Paul Buckley who says he was travelling at 70mph Credit: Paul Buckley

More photographs of the motorist driving a car on the M4 covered in snow, except for a gap just inches wide cleared on the windscreen, are emerging.

If it were not for these photographs undisputedly showing the car in motion many might be in disbelief.

A passenger with Paul Buckley from Staffordshire took the latest picture as he thought no one would believe him:

"I was driving on the M4, came down the slip road and thought that's a snowy car. Then I went past him and realised he couldn't see out the windows. I couldn't believe it, I was doing 70mph on the inside lane and he overtook me in the middle lane."

When Mr Buckley reached his destination he took to Twitter to share his disbelief.

This photo was taken yesterday on the M4 showing a motorist driving his car covered in snow Credit: @Jonny_Ellis

A photo of the car was also taken by Stephen Sorby when he was travelling in a car with his friend just before midday yesterday between junctions 28 and 29.

He took to Twitter to vent his outrage after witnessing the snow covered car. He told ITV News Central: "We are outraged with what we saw, we couldn't believe anyone would drive like that. So careless to risk the lives of others."

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