Safety In The Snow

While snow can be fun for many, for others it is a difficult time. Find here tips on how to stay safe at home and on the roads when the winter weather bites.

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Tips on how to drive safely in the ice and snow

Ice is extremely hard to see and dangerous to drive in, sudden temperature drops can turn surface water into ice patches, day or night.

Snow or sleet showers also make driving conditions extremely dangerous.

Here are some tips for driving safely in these wintry conditions.

  • Allow up to 10 times the usual braking distance in icy conditions
  • Avoid sudden braking, acceleration or steering
  • If the weather is bad or heavy snow forecast try to re-schedule your journey
  • Snow dramatically reduces visibility, reduce your speed and use dipped headlights
  • Traction is a major problem in snow and ice. Keep your wheels turning as slowly as possible, especially when pulling away.
  • Ensure tyres are inflated correctly with a minimum of 3mm of tread
  • Make sure your screenwash is topped up, using the right concentration to ensure it does not freeze
  • Stay in a higher gear to have better control, move off in a higher gear rather than first if it is slippery
  • On a downhill slope keep your speed low, do not let it build up
  • If you get into a skid take your foot off the pedals and steer
  • Only use the brakes if you cannot steer out of trouble

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