Report potholes says Worcestershire Council

Worcestershire County Council is asking the public to do its bit in treating potholes, by longing them on the Council's website.

After recent cold weather, the Council is increasing its pothole teams from 11 to 18. They say that the extra resources will result in an additional 200 potholes being fixed daily.

Potholes are caused when water freezes and expands. When rain, snow and freezing conditions cycle, potholes worsen.

The public is being asked to to log problematic potholes on the Council website.

Teams will be out finding and fixing potholes, but residents can also play a big part in supporting this work by getting in touch when they spot a pothole.

Doing so is now easier than ever thanks to the numerous ways of reporting and I'd like to encourage people to let us know.

– Cllr John Smith OBE, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport,