Expensive car wash: would you call 999?

West Midlands police have released genuine calls deemed 'inappropriate', which are putting lives at risk.

The force contact centre has also launching a 24 hour tweetathon, where they are tweeting some real-time calls from 7am today until 7am tomorrow.


999 call asking if a wallet has been handed in! Such calls should be made via 101 to your local station! 999 for emergencies only! #fcc24


Interesting start to the shift..male called 999 to say he has a heart problem as he is in love with a girl whom he does not know! #fcc24


999 call just received from a man who wanted a refund for an expensive car wash! Spread the word: 999 is for emergencies only! #fcc24


'Inappropriate' 999 Calls

West Midlands Police are today launching various genuine calls that are putting lives at risk for being 'inappropriate'.