'A highly convincing case for identification as Richard III'

Dr Jo Appleby
Dr Jo Appleby presidents evidence Credit: ITV Central
  • Many injuries found on the skull. Most were probably caused by slices from weapons (knives or daggers) and photographs show parts of the skill missing.

  • It would appear the individual had lost his helmet during battle which allowed these injuries to occur.

  • Many of the injuries may have been inflicted after death, and historical sources say Richard's body was mistreated after death.

  • The skeleton has an injury to the back which could well have been inflicted when Richard's body was flung over the back of a horse post battle.

Dr Jo Appleby
Dr Jo Appleby Project Osteologist presents evidence Credit: ITV Central


Judicial review for Richard III's final resting place

A group of relatives of King Richard III, whose body was unearthed from a council car park last year, have won the right to bring High Court proceedings to challenge a plan to rebury his remains in Leicester.