Scientists describe what they found in the grave

Dr Jo Appleby, Project Osteologist.

  • the item in the skull may not have been an arrow but a Roman nail
  • hands were crossed so possibly tied when the skeleton was interred
  • rib bone was sent to carbon dating labs - both labs said the individual could have died in 1485
  • skeleton mostly well preserved and complete
  • adult male with an unusually slender almost feminine build for a man
  • matches known facts- no suggestion of withered arm- individual of age 20-late 30s
  • probably of slightly taller height than average male of the time
  • unknown cause of curvature of the spine
  • the individual probably wasn't born with it, but it developed after the age of 10.


Judicial review for Richard III's final resting place

A group of relatives of King Richard III, whose body was unearthed from a council car park last year, have won the right to bring High Court proceedings to challenge a plan to rebury his remains in Leicester.