Search and Rescue Team mobilised in Staffs to deal with adverse weather

The Staffordshire Search and Rescue Team has been going above and beyond its duties by assisting the West Midlands Ambulance Service during adverse weather conditions.

The lowland rescue team have three four-wheel drive vehicles – two Land Rover Defenders and one Mercedes Sprinter, which is able to secure a stretcher in the back and be used as an ambulance.

Credit: Staffordshire Search & Rescue Team

The team were contacted by West Midlands Ambulance Service in January asking for them to assist with transporting Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians and other medical staff to and from work and to assist with responding to emergency incidents.

Over three days of callouts at the end of January, the team gave 311 hours across Staffordshire and covered 1,120 miles.

Credit: Staffordshire Search & Rescue Team