Third man arrested in the search for James Brodie

Nottinghamshire Police have arrested a third man in connection with the disappearance of James Brodie.

The arrest was made earlier today in Nottingham when a 34-year-old was detained on suspicion of murder.

Mr Brodie, then aged 19, is believed to have gone missing shortly after jeweller Marian Bates was shot dead during a robbery at the Time Centre in Arnold, Nottingham, in September 2003.

Two men were arrested last week on suspicion of Mr Brodie's murder, including a 31-year-old man who was later released on bail.

The other man, 32-year-old Dean Betton, of Radford, Nottingham, was charged with Mr Brodie's murder and appeared in court in Lincoln last week.


James Brodie search: The latest

The latest on the search for James Brodie who disappeared after Marian Bates was shot in an armed robbery at her shop in Arnold in 2003.