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Exotic animals in Worcestershire in need of a new home

A woman from Worcester is struggling to find a new home for her family and 40 exotic animals.

Lynda Blake, who takes her meerkats and raccoons to the Acorns Children's Hospice, says she fears that she may be forced to stop as she has to move from her rented house by April 1.

Lynda runs Wildlife Furry Exotics in Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire, with her husband Drew Blake.

The couple are now looking for a new home after the landlord of their rented house died.

They currently have a range of animals including skunks, sugar gliders, raccoons, raccoon dogs, meerkats, a coatimundi, a genet and a kinkajou.

Lynda with one of her meerkats Credit: ITV News Central
Raccoon Credit: ITV News Central
Meerkat Credit: ITV News Central

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