Terrorist plotters sentenced

Eleven Birmingham gang members who plotted terrorist attacks potentially bigger than the July 7 attacks have been sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court.

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Muslim leader suggests way to tackle radicalisation

The Chair of Birmingham’s Central Mosque says a different approach is needed to tackling radicalisation.

Mohammed Naseem wants better access to people with known extremist views, to gain a better understanding of their mindset.

"We can prevent this kind of thinking by collecting the people talking to them, putting peer pressure on them, making it clear to them that instead of going to heaven they might be going to hell.

If we know what kind of person or kind of ideology they have then we can look for it in our society or in the congregation."

– MOHAMMED NASEEM - Chair of Birmingham Central Mosque

Although relatives of the four men known as “the travellers” intervened when they found out they had flown to Pakistan for terrorist training, no one alerted the police.

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