Drivers warned of abnormal load escorted to Hereford tomorrow morning

Wiltshire Police is warning drivers of an abnormal load that will be escorted from the county to Hereford tomorrow morning.

At 07.15, a specialised load transporter carrying a 737 aircraft fuselage will be escorted by police from RAF Kemble in Cirencester to Hereford.

It departs Kemble on the A429, towards Cirencester before travelling South on the A419 to arrive at M4 junction 15, before continuing Westbound on the M4.

The transporter and its load will measure 6.10 metres (20ft) wide, 4.90 m (16ft-01ins) high with an overall length of 38.00 m (125 ft) and gross weight of 70 tonnes. Whilst travelling on the A419 it will take up both southbound carriageways.