Coventry: UK's worst commuting city

Northampton is in pole position as the top commuting cities and areas in the UK, with 75% of drivers enjoying their daily journey. However, 36% of commuters in Coventry are being driven round the bend by their commute.

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32% of commuters 'frazzled' before arriving at work

Figures released by Allianz Your Cover Insurance show that the average commuter in Britain spends over a week driving to and from work each year, leaving almost a third of drivers 'frazzled' before they even arrive at work.

People are spending nearly an hour a day commuting and a third (32%) are frazzled before even arriving at work, feeling rushed, stressed and anxious from their morning journey, which is isn't a good way to start the working day.

– Jon Lott, Allianz Your Cover Insurance

The research also revealed that bringing down the costs of motoring would make drivers happier about their daily journeys.

Northampton has been named the city in pole position for top commuting while Coventry is said to be the worst city to travel to and from work.

Jon Lott also said: "31% of commuters we spoke to feel tired when driving home from work, when roads are often at their busiest, so it's important to keep alert in order to respond to other drivers who may have had a bad day at the office."

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