11,000 M42 speeders let-off

A sign error on M42 motorway may mean 11,000 speeders will be let-off. The Crown Prosecution Service said the signs showed mph numbers taller and narrower than they should have been.

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Thousands of M42 speeders may receive their money back

Thousands of motorists who received speeding convictions on the M42, may be let-off after signs displayed by the Highways Agency were not compatible.

The signs, which were located on the motorway west of Coventry, showed the speed limit 'taller and narrower that they should have been', said Crown Prosecution Services.

More than 11,000 motorists were convicted between J9 and J7 on the M42 last year.

Despite the Crown Prosecution Services' allegation, the Highways Agency said it believes that the signs were the right size and were clearly visible to motorists.

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