GP's damning letter to patients

A GP from Nottingham has written to all his patients to warn them that medics are being 'asked to take risks with your health in order to save money'.

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The Department for Health responds to Dr Campbell's letter

"The needs of patients should be top priority for the NHS. Our reforms, which help reduce bureaucracy and put health professionals in control of local decisions, will ensure this happens. They will also help the NHS reinvest up to £20 billion into the frontline by 2015, so that it can meet the challenges of an aging population.

"GP practice members are an influential voice within new Clinical Commissioning Groups. If they are concerned that a policy adopted by their CCG may not be in patients' best interests, they must take responsibility for voicing their disagreement.

“Our mandate for the NHS sets out that people should have access to the right treatment when they need it. We have made clear that there should not be reductions in services or in the quality of care, and that access to services should not be restricted on the basis of cost."

– Department for Health spokesman

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